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The Role of the Website in a Golf Course Marketing Strategy

April 13, 2017

Golf Marketing- The Website

Before you begin this blog which details what content golf courses should have on their websites, read our last blog which discussed the performance of golf course...

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Golf Marketing with Social Media: Creating Promotional Images

March 27, 2017

Golf Social Media 101

If you've been following the ORCA blog, your social media channels are posting weekly and are optimized to their fullest extent. This blog will focus on creating a...

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Golf Social Media: How to Use Hashtags

March 02, 2017

Introduction to Golf Social Media:

Instagram is a photo-sharing app that is ideal for companies who have scenic photos to share. Some golf courses have taken advantage of this platform, but not...

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Golf Social Media: An Instagram Study

February 22, 2017


Last week's blog focused on understanding why Instagram is crucial to every golf course marketing strategy. Instagram is a photo-sharing app that helps picturesque accounts gain...

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Instagram, Why Golf Course Marketing Professionals Need It.

February 16, 2017


Instagram is a social media platform with over 500 million active monthly users, and more than 75 million users use the app every day. The top three countries that use Instagram are the...

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The Game Plan for Increasing Profits

February 08, 2017


 Last week was focused on attracting new golfers, this week is focused on increasing profts. Granted, both these points go hand-in-hand, however increasing your profits begins with...

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The Game Plan for Scoring New Golfers

January 30, 2017


2017 brings in the opportunity to create new business and new techniques for success. As January comes to a close, what can golf operations improve to increase profits from rounds...

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5 Golf Marketing Ideas to Drive Revenue

December 08, 2016



Golf courses are a small business and should always strive for new customers to experience what each uniquely offers. The question is, what can you be doing differently to get...

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How to Convert Your 3rd Party Bookings to Direct Bookings

September 15, 2016


If your golf course accepts bookings from 3rd Parties, you should be actively working on turning each and every one of those golfers into 'direct customers' through the use of a...

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Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing

September 07, 2016


In today's technological age, every business should be utilizing the new platforms of technology for gaining and nurturing customers.

Social media is one of the fastest growing...

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