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Golf Benchmarking: Rounds and Revenue

Golf Benchmarking, Rounds and Revenue Benchmarketing, Golf Industry Statistics

Benchmarking Golf Industry Statistics

As a (or aspiring to be) leader in the golf industry, you have a responsibility to your employees, co-workers, suppliers, vendors, customers and competitors to create the best operating environment possible at your  facility. You are tasked to do your part and bring the best product to market, generating the most revenue possible. As you succeed, the value of your asset grows, you contribute commercially and recreationally to the betterment of your community. The positive impact is far reaching.

Understanding the Power of your Tee Sheet

When you contribute rounds and revenue data about your course’s performance to an independent, trusted third-party you are helping make the industry better. By contributing, and in return receiving, data that allows you to benchmark your rounds and revenue performance against that of your local competitors, you gain the valuable insights that help guide your decision making and grow revenue.

How you ask? By using a benchmarking report you are able to make sure your performance is in-line with that of your competitors. What benchmarks are of the most interest to you?

  • Do you see the same occupancy for the same day?
  • Do you see the same occupancy for the same day-part?
  • Are you realizing the same amount of green fee revenue as your competitive set?


A benchmarking report allows you to confidentially compare your performance in a way you could never accomplish by picking up the phone and speaking directly with your competitors. Nobody shares the whole story.

Why Subscribe to the ORCA Report?

As you gain a better understanding of your facility's performance through benchmarking, you will be more informed and will be able to make decisions that will allow you to drive more revenue. This leads to a healthier local golf market.  This will help you make decisions based on facts, not based in fear. Fear is what is driving many decisions, especially the ‘3rd Party’ decision. ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ You should ‘stay’…for the moment. But, you should also subscribe to The ORCA Report so you can understand how to make better decisions. There’s a reason other industries invest in benchmarking platforms…it works.

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